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Inextricably Linked Tunkashila- Great Spirit I call upon your wisdom to guide me and all those who are lost. I ask that you always be a presence and force for good in my life and all those I touch. We honor you Creator and give thanks always and in all ways for your love. For many years I wandered in the desert. My magic abilities not yet known to me. I stopped to drink water from the springs that were too few and too far between. My feet resting only long enough to stop the throbbing and than continuing to carry me through my self-imposed exile. I heard the drumbeats in the distance and they frightened me. I only knew what they taught me- to fear the unknown. At times during the afternoon when the sun stretched its rays farthest across the sand and rock I would catch glimpses of a figure bending across the orange and gold stripes of the rock face. His long hair rolling down his back and shoulders. I could hear him calling to me and feel his breath on my face as the wind bl