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Elderberry and Olive Leaf Prevent Viral Attack

The English Elderberry or    L. Sambucus nigra is a native flowering plant of North America and Europe. It is loved by birds and bees for it's highly nutritious and delicious flowers and fruit. It's purple color is due to its high content of flavonoids which is what will save us all from certain death! I'm sure you've heard of the seasonal warnings to get your flu shot or you're going to die. Not to mention the yearly man-made viruses that are a result of someone not washing their hands before they left the gene-splicing virus making factory. Well currently we've got a serious panic with the new Coronovirus from China. The first case on America soil showed up today in Washington State. Well I'm here to tell you to please not panic and take your elderberry syrup. These articles I've included from PubMed show that elderberry has proven time and again to prevent viral invasion of healthy human cells.  The excerpt below has a number in parenthesis. This